Saturday, November 24, 2012

#126 Kate Miller-Heidke - Nightflight (2012)

I fell in love with Kate Miller-Heidke because of songs like, "The Facebook Song (Are You Fucking Kidding Me)" and because of her album, Curiouser. Ben Folds was quoted as saying, "She's one of those people that actually does deserve to be called a unique talent." As a operatic singer, Miller-Heidke has received a number of awards, however, her unique voice and pop sensibilities really do create something special.

Best tracks on the album. There's a lot more depth and dynamic changes on this track that are sometimes lacking otherwise. The chorus is bombastic and epic and Miller-Heidke provides the perfect tone and lyrics to fit the music (or is it the other way around?). I love the lyrics, the story, the anger, the raw emotion of it all.  Miller-Heidke isn't known nearly enough here in the states.

I decided to spotlight this song based upon one of my favorite lyrics I think I've ever heard. It's about taking a red eye flight and she says, "And if one more person coughs on me I'm gonna punch them in the face." It's in such contrast to the beauty of the song and the emotions previous to this. Then again, anyone who's had to take any kind of public transportation can totally understand a little bit of rage over something so trivial. It's an absolutely beautiful song and it's absolutely worthy of being the title track.

The Tiger Inside Will Eat the Child
Every song on the album was written by Keir Nuttall/Miller-Heidke except for two. "Let Me Fade" was written only be Heidke and Nuttall is the sole writer of this song. Knowing this, you can really tell what kind of influence Nuttal brought to the album. The lyrics are brilliant and the singing is (as always) spot on. I love the dynamics that are used on the song with Miller-Heidke even whispering coming out of the bridge. She has the uncanny ability to do these sort of things and make it seem so effortless and natural. However, if others were to try it, it probably wouldn't pan out.

All in all, it's good - it just didn't gel with me like her other albums. There are a few songs on this record that I really got into, but for the most part I was waiting to hear another album like Curiouser (and this isn't that album). It's commendable that she continues to grow and there's no doubt that she's getting better and better, but I'd this album grew a little out of my wheelhouse. Don't get me wrong, it's still a very enjoyable listen. If I had reviewed this album when I initially heard it, the score may be lower. However, the more I listen to this album, the more it grows on me and the more accepting I am of it having it's own identity.

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