Thursday, July 26, 2012

#5: Louvin Brothers - Tragic Songs of Life (1956)

So the idea of this project was spawned upon the idea of wanting to hear more new music, wanting to hear older albums that have slipped through the cracks, digging up some older favorites, and having a "conclusive" list of my top 100 favorite albums. This album was chosen off the list from the book, '1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die'. Knowing me, I'll never review all of the albums on their list even with the greatest of intentions. If it weren't for this book, I would have never written a review for the Louvin Brothers - I'm just not a country fan. However, music is music and I'm sure I'll learn something from listening.

What Is Home Without Love
If I ever get pegged to choose the music for 'Tremors 6: Revenge of the Graboids' and there's a scene where two guys are just relaxing on their porch with the radio on - I have the perfect song. Imagine the creek of the wood underneath the rocking chairs... and then... an ominous bass to indicate trouble... All joking aside, it's a solid song and while it may sound like old country is supposed to sound I believe these guys probably helped to make that stereotype happen.

In The Pines
Focusing on the positives of this record, I really enjoyed the harmonies. Not only are they excellent, they're very clear. If I were to choose to cover a Louvin Brother's song, I'd have no problem figuring out the harmonies, bass, guitar, etc. It's all quite simple and elegant.

Katie Dear
This song made the whole listen worth while. While I may have not enjoyed the majority of this record, I can respect what it is and what it did for it's time. Lyrically, I really enjoyed this song and I think strong lyrics are a staple of country music. The music isn't over powering, nor is it all that interesting. However, this song has a good story, good melody, good feel, and good harmonies. Definitely the best track on the record.

All in all, it's just not my style. If you know what old country sounds like, then you have a very clear indication of what this record will sound like. The recordings are good, the stories are good, it's just not my cup of tea.

This album was chosen from the book '1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die' 3/1001

Tomorrow's album: The Black Crowes' Shake Your Money Maker (1990)

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