Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#102: Laura Marling - A Creature I Don't Know (2011)

Her sound can be quickly summarized as a female version of Mumford and Sons. Then again, it's not that easy to pinpoint her. One thing I was very shocked to learn was her age, she was 21 when she recorded this album. This record has so much depth and so much experience behind it, it's hard to believe someone so young could produce something this mature. Through this album, Marling received the Brit award for 'Best British Female' and 'Best Solo Artist'.

I Was Just a Card
I really enjoyed the beginning of this track, it's very fragile and broken. The guitar mimics the vocal, but when the drums kick in it has a really great vibe to it. The details really bring the song to life, little things like the horns in the background - they're so faint but they add so much to the picture. The song ends with just the instrumentals and it really lets you appreciate just how well woven the music is.

A lot of times when I write these reviews I try to stay away from using too generic of words to describe the music. Only because it's impossible to describe artists such as Marling with such a narrow view. She's not bluegrass, she's not pop, she's not country, but really it's a blend of these genres and more. Her vocal style is pop, yet the melodies she sings are slightly more country, and yet the lyrics are much more folk. The music can be bluegrass but it isn't shy to rock out a little bit. It's a really well crafted track with a lot of different ideas.

All My Rage
This is one of the brighter songs on the album, it speaks of leaving the rage behind and it's like the clouds opening up after a dark, scary storm. There are times on the album such as 'The Beast' where it's a lot darker and a lot angrier, not in only what is being said but how the music portrays it. Even inside Mumford and Sons' darkness there's an idea of redemption that never leaves the picture, we don't always get that with Marling. It's definitely the most radio friendly track on the album and it's a perfect way to finish up this very unique and intimate album.

All in all, it's an incredibly well written, produced, and recorded album. The first listen through the record, I really focused on the music because it absolutely sucked me in. She talks of deep subjects that are incredibly heartfelt but the way that she says these things creates an emotional response from the listener in which it doesn't matter what she says. I look forward to listening to it again very soon.

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