Friday, October 19, 2012

#90: Jack White - Blunderbuss (2012)

Jack White is the man. I have such deep and great respect for him. He does crazy stuff and makes it cool, he tries to get away with as much as he can. He's influenced by musicians all over the map and he's one of the most talented and bravest songwriters out there. What he does isn't always popular, but that's not the point now is it?

Sixteen Saltines
Sounds more of a Scorpions 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' type of lick to start, however, this song is a lot angrier (and cooler). The vocal technique he uses on this is something he's known for. He uses multiple takes and one is clearly heard than the other, but he doesn't try to sing it the same way on both takes. This creates a lot of depth on an otherwise thin vocal line (for higher notes).
Love Interruption
What I love about White is the fact that he has such an amazing range. He can rock so hard and then this is the next song. It features an acoustic guitar and a melodica speaking of what love should be. For most artists these type of songs don't transition well to the rest of the album, but the arrangement and the beautiful backup vocals really make this track shine. This isn't a collection of 'rock' songs, it's just a collection of really well written songs.

I'm Shakin'
I know this is a cover and there's plenty of other original songs that also could be spotlighted, however this song is just so damn cool. It's got the best groove on the album, the vocals are phenomenal, it rocks, it's such a great recording. It's absolutely the best track on the album and I especially give him bonus points for pronouncing the word "nervous" as "nouy-vous". It's the best cover of an old school blues song put in a modern setting since the Black Crowes' 'Hard to Handle'.

All in all, this album is a reminder that commercial albums are dumb. Not that there's not good commercial music, there certainly is. I really tend to like records that aren't usually socially acceptable, but they're just so good they become acceptable. From a songwriter's point of view this album is a resounding success.

Tomorrow's album: The Rolling Stones' The Rolling Stones.

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