Thursday, August 2, 2012

#12: KT Tunstall - Acoustic Extravaganza (2006)

Many times I believe that an album needs balance. It needs to have a large range such as slow/fast, angry/happy, and a varying cast of instruments. When a musician can pull off just sticking to one of these things I'm always amazed. Most people will know KT's single, "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" and it's just a shame more people haven't jumped on board to listen the rest of her music. She really is a "semi" hidden treasure in the music world.

Quite possibly my favorite KT song, it's a song that says very gently: 'Hey, we may not like each other - but when you're dead - your ashes come home to me.' I'm usually not a lyrics based listener but her words are so good it cuts through everything else, even through the incredibly well done arrangement. The best moment of the album happens on this track, "But I have pushed you way too far... And you say fuck you little princess you the hell you think you are?"

Boo Hoo
You know it's a crime that I haven't mentioned KT Tunstall's distinct voice yet. Her pipes are among my all time favorites. She's got the grit, the depth, the warmth, and the whisper in your ear sound that allows a listener to become totally engrossed in every single world. Also, I'd like to point out that her rhythm section on this album is superb. They not only allow KT to really shine but they create such a unique setting for such a unique musician. I think the reason why she's one of my favorite vocalists is because of her embellishments, she's never overstated, never shows off, and certainly doesn't just go up and down scales.

Universe and U
I still have no idea what this song is about. Who knows, maybe it holds some deep, rich meaning but I just can't really pay attention while listening. Two acoustic guitars pick their way through the song while KT and harmonies sing over the top of it. It's some of the best melody writing on the album. I find myself constantly getting caught up each facet of her voice on each syllable and I find it simply impossible to listen to her words. I really can't compliment anyone any better.

It's an under appreciated album. It doesn't reinvent the wheel nor does it really push any boundaries. However, there's something to say for something that's just incredibly well done. The songs are already stripped down and I don't even know how you'd do more with them. They are full and complete in their own right without any fluff.

Tomorrow's album: Frank Sinatra's Songs for Swingin' Lovers (1956)

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