Friday, August 10, 2012

#20: White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan (2005)

This album is a bit different from the rest of the White Stripes' catalog. There's a lot less rock/blues music, as well as less lead guitar. There are track that feature a marimba, piano, and other instruments that hadn't been used in recordings previous to this album's release. It's a little more adventurous than some of their previous works and it proves just how good Jack White is (and continues to be).

Blue Orchid
I still have no idea what's being said both lyrically and on a deeper level, but it's still so incredibly cool. It's such a simple riff, simple guitar part, but somehow it works so well. Jack White has proven to be one of the best guitarists of our generation and it's not always because of the difficulty of material he writes. Such a cool groove that flows seamlessly from the verse to the chorus. It's one of those awesome riffs in which you wonder, "It's so simple but so effective... How was this not recorded prior to this?"

My Doorbell
This is the song that got me hooked me on the White Stripes. From the Ringo-esque thwaps of the drums to the broken boogie of the piano, this song is full of what constitutes to me as a perfect song. Again, the White Stripes excel in an environment that doesn't thrive on complexities, but on simple riffs and thoughts. Every part is spot on, there's not a weak spot on the track. Best track on the album.

I'm Lonely(But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)
Sometimes you hear a song and all you can feel is jealousy. I wish I wrote this song. It's my favorite track on the record, and it's a perfect bookend to the album. Simple but not understated, elegant yet honest, and incredibly soulful. There's not really much else to say, it's an amazing track that you should listen to right now.

All in all, it's a very good album. It can get a little out there at times and that's something I really enjoy. Not enough has been said about Meg White. She provides percussion on the album and while some may say that her parts are too simple, I find them to be simply perfect. She lays out very good, rhythmic beats that Jack can just go nuts over. I really think the simplicity of the drums adds to the overall music. One thing I just can't get over is how refreshingly honest this album is. It may not be "pop friendly" all the way through, but that's why I like it so much. It's an album that's very true to it's writer despite what anyone else thinks about it, and that's something I can definitely learn from.

Tomorrow's album: Sabu's Palo Congo.

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