Monday, August 20, 2012

#30: Young the Giant - Young the Giant (2010)

I hadn't heard this album in about a year and half when I decided to queue it up. I remembered it fondly, but upon reviewing the album - it seemed to fall flat. There's no doubt of the band's potential, and I really enjoy all of the live clips of them on YouTube. However, I really didn't enjoy the production of the album - it's too polished and it lost some of the character that they have live.

My Body
It has everything a big, catchy hit single is supposed to have, focus on the lyrics and melody, a singer with a distinctive voice, and a booming, huge chorus. "My body tells me no but I won't quit - 'cause I want more." It's almost Shania Twain-ish in it's feel, but much cooler in context. The guitars do a great job of fills and keeping the edge throughout. It's the right choice off the album for a lead single, but the next song...

I Got
This is the reason I bought the album, because of this song. I saw them performing it live and was just amazed that his voice came out of his body. He's got such a unique and cool voice and he does a wonderful job moving the song along. He could be a crooner, he could be a pop singer, and the musicians playing with him are clearly inspired by different genres as well. The drums keep a very pop feel, while the guitars change from rock to even rockabilly type parts, however the chorus is where it's at - the harmonies are magnificent. If you get a chance, check out the live version above, I prefer it to the album cut.

I really like the change in the sound on this one, while it still carries the YTG sound, the bass changes the dynamic of the song. The album can at times be like a sea, there's different waves and it's constantly changing, but it never really feels like it changes all that much. This is not to say what is on the album is sub-par, it's just a reflection of why such a change, even in a bass line, is so welcome.

I like this album and the band not for what they are, but for the potential of what they can become. It's an enjoyable album, but it doesn't stick with you as long as you'd like it to. However, these guys can be huge - I really do think that, they just need to keep working on new music. If they continue to record and tour, that's good news for everyone.

Tomorrows album: Billie Holiday's Lady in Satin.

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