Monday, August 6, 2012

#16: Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long (2007)

While Maroon 5's debut album "Songs About Jane" sold a ridiculous amount of records and was a very solid album, I think their sophomore album was a suitable follow up. The album reeks of confidence and attitude. The arrangements are fuller, the songs rock a little harder, so it's no surprise it debuted at #1.

Little Of Your Time
One of the better tracks on the album. It mixes a more typical Maroon 5 chorus with a very broken verse, the quick acoustic guitar hits keep the song moving along and ensures the pace doesn't fall behind. The chorus changes up enough to keep it interesting with the guitars coming back in. However, the initial hits for the verse keep this song worth coming back for.

The best track on the record. I understand why M5 chooses tracks like 'Goodnight Goodnight' and 'Won't Go Home Without You' as singles, but this is really where it's at. M5 is at their best when they bring the funk rock. This is one of their best tracks across all four albums. While they usually bring the funk and rock on the verses and roll out a radio friendly chorus this song does the opposite. While the verses focus on the lyrics and melody, the chorus rolls out such a simple but amazing guitar part.

Maroon 5 likes to break it down and who can blame them? For a 45 minute album you have to break it up a bit. However, these are the types of tracks in which I have zero desire to skip. While the song may have a slower tempo and feel to it, they don't ignore the rock edge that has come to define their sound. The simple strings and guitar embellishments helps the song roll back to the big chorus.

All in all, a solid album. Maroon 5 skipped their sophomore slump. As much as I like Adam Levine's voice and as much as I like his solo stuff (being featured by other artists) there's just something about his band that makes his voice gel. With all the electronic instrumentation the album feels like it has lots of 80's influences at times, as well as funk, and rock. It's a genre mixing good time.

Tomorrow's album: Count Basie's the Atomic Mr. Basie.

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