Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#46: Darwin Deez - Darwin Deez (2010)

There's multiple people in the band 'Darwin Deez' including it's lead singer Darwin. At times I talk about bridge songs (songs that change and break up the rest of the album) however, this is kind of a bridge album. I've listened to quite a few albums in a row, but this has such an abnormal, distinct sound - it sets itself apart from everything else. There's hints of the 60's through the 90's, but where it really finds its groove is with the low-fi drums and catchy guitar licks.

Such a sweet rock/funk guitar part. While the guitar doesn't change for the duration of the song, the vocals and the harmonies keep it on it's feet. Just after you realize that it's slightly repetitive it changes it up. It grooves so well and the low-fi drums add a 'hip' sound to set it apart from everyone else.

Well written lyrics coupled with a super catchy riff make up on the of the best tracks on the record. It has no issue with rocking out, yet it has no qualms with keeping that same feel and slowing it way down. It's a pretty awesome song to drive to, sing along with, or bob your head to while relaxing on the beach.

Up In The Clouds
Best melody, best riff, best feel, best lyrics, best chorus, and best song on the album. While it may sound formulaic, the riff is again repeated throughout the song. However, this time the rest of the music continually keeps it fresh. Such a good ride from start to finish and I struggle to find one person under the age of 70 that wouldn't totally dig this. It's modern, it's a throw back, and it's the reason I fell in love with this album.

All in all, it's an album full of super catchy riffs. Not one part of the music would be considered all that difficult to play but that doesn't matter. It inspires me to go home, grab my guitar, and record five of these songs. It's got to be just as fun (if not more) to play than it is to listen to. It's an album absolutely worth listening to. I'm glad I have it in mp3 form, if it were a CD or on vinyl then it'd be completely worn out by now.

Tomorrow's album: Joan Baez's self titled debut album.

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