Sunday, September 23, 2012

#64: Elizabeth and the Catapult - Taller Children (2009)

I found out about this little gem of a band because they opened for Sara Barellies. While, I was unable to make the show I was happily surprised to find this album. However next time Sara or Elizabeth is in town, I'm going. It's their debut album and hopefully they only get better.

Momma's Boy
Elizabeth clearly states, "I'm not your mother." And while that's the overarching theme of the lyrics - the music has all kinds of components. This song has a slight carnival feel to it (thanks to the organ) mixed with big, thick drums. It's witty, it's catchy, and it's a really solid track.

Taller Children
Best track on the album. It has a little more pop sensibilities to it, but the horns make the track for me. Who can argue that "In the end we're all just taller children?" My favorite part has to be the bridge, especially when it converts back into the main theme. Musically it doesn't get better on the record.

Everybody Knows
The opening is the best part of the song, I love the tribal percussion. The only issue with this track and some of the others is that it's just a little too repetitive. Elizabeth and the Catapult are a really solid band and I wish they had more albums. Moments in this song really showcase the talent and the potential that they have to put out some really incredible music.

All in all, I enjoyed it. It's not something I would recommend to everyone, but it gels with me and there's definitely a market. I play this album about once every three weeks, so I guess it's technically in the rotation. Not much else to say, it's not ground breaking, but it adds in some unlikely sources to keep it all interesting.

Tomorrow's album: Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd's Jazz Samba.

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