Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#66: Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full (2007)

He's one of the most celebrated musicians and he's the most successful songwriter of all time. His album, 'Memory Almost Full' is pretty split between rock and soft rock, but the song writing is still sharp. McCartney is without a doubt my biggest musical influence.

Dance Tonight
Incredible song and also a really solid music video (featuring Natalie Portman). At some point I'll either rent, buy, or borrow a mandolin just to record this song. It's such a simple yet incredible song, and that's why Paul is the man. "Everybody gonna dance tonight, everybody gonna feel alright, every body gonna dance around tonight." I wish I could whistle.

Nod Your Head
When will McCartney be out of good ideas? Hasn't he hit his quota yet? While Paul is getting older this track shows (musical) youth. Vocally, McCartney knows his limits and stays within then, but it's got a very modern punch to it. While some of the tracks aren't that deep lyrically, musically they are rich.

Mr. Bellamy
Best track on the album. This is what I expected/wanted when I went to listen to this album. It's a little cooky, it's original, and it's clearly McCartney. I'm glad he's still doing things that challenge me to listen to music differently, and I wish there were more tracks similar to this on the rest of the album. Entertaining for the mind and the ears.

All in all, it's a really good album. I mean, it's Paul McCartney - how could it not be? However, if you're looking for your first solo McCartney album, may I suggest 'McCartney II'? This album proves Paul's still got it. It's very enjoyable, there were only a few tracks that just didn't grab me on the first few listens, but the rest of it was solid song writing.

Tomorrow's album: Ray Price's Night Life.

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