Saturday, September 8, 2012

#49: Elvis Presley - Elvis is Back! (1960)

It was interesting to hear my first Elvis album a few weeks back, but it's even more so to hear a more developed Presley sound. There's more control in his voice, a little more whispering, it's an improved album (technically speaking) over it's predecessor.

Elvis did 'Fever'? Damn it's good. He's got the sultry vocals and the snaps/drum fills are just perfect. I can't think of a definitive or better version of this song. The bass fills out the song wonderfully, it's so sparse yet so full. Despite it's slow, methodological approach the song oozes energy. Best track on the album.

Thrill of Your Love
This track was kind of a snoozer, but what was fascinating was hearing all of the influences in early rock and roll so prevalent. The country-esque vocals, the bluesy piano, a little gospel, and the simple almost temptation like harmonies. It's not a bad song, but it does sound very dated.

Such A Night
I didn't know you could record the sound of Elvis' hips shaking. The horn holds down the instrumentation on such a small, little diddy only to be joined in by similar harmonies. The song has a crooner like feel on the chorus, it's big, full and it's a great apex to a wonderful song. It reminds me a bit off Bobby Darren on the chorus. Presley's vocals really carry the song, and that's why he is the king.

All in all, it's another Elvis album. I think I may have enjoyed his d├ębut album slightly more as a whole. However, 'Such a Night' and 'Fever' just may be the best two tracks of his I've heard. I prefer the more reckless  unpolished vocals on the previous album. I may still not be an Elvis fan, but I totally understand why 50 million Elvis fans can't be wrong.

Tomorrow's album: Ray LaMontagne's Trouble.

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