Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#60: John Mayer - Continuum (2006)

It's his masterpiece. However, I hope he hasn't peaked yet. Mayer's song writing is at his finest, it's his adult album. Granted, on a personal level Mayer can be kind of a douche bag, but forget his personal life and forget "Your Body is a Wonderland". Regardless about how you feel about the man behind the music, he is one of the best guitarists and songwriters of my generation.

Mayer brings the blues on this album, and it's none more apparent than on this track. The falsettos on this chorus provides a sharp contrast to the verse. Of course, the guitar work is second to none. It provides such a cool, laid back groove. One of my favorites.

Stop This Train
Throughout all of the music I've listened to in my lifetime, I can say one thing for certain: this is my favorite song of all time. The guitar and brushes create the sound of an unstoppable train while Mayer sings about the fears of getting older. "Don't how else to say it, don't wanna see my parents go." The song is full of incredibly deep, honest lyrics that resonate with me much more than anything else I've ever heard.

I'm Gonna Find Another You
Best melody, coolest guitar, and best feel on the album. It's another blues number that has a very simple story. "If I'm forced to find another, I hope she looks like you - yeah and she's nicer to." What a perfect way to end the record.

All in all, I'm just completely against the grain on this one. Critics don't rate it nearly high enough for me. I'd like to hear a better written and recorded album the year this was released. If you haven't seen his live DVD "Where the Light Is" you really should. Mayer is one of the most talented musicians in the past twenty years. John Mayer and this album are the #1 and #2 reasons why I purchased a guitar. Never before has any instrument seemed quite this cool to me.

Tomorrow's album: Ray Charles' Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.

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