Monday, September 24, 2012

#65: Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba (1962)

Let it be known that this was the album that caused the scoring system to break. It was night time, on the beach, fireworks going off over the nearby pier, and the water barely hitting my feet. Perfect conditions for drinking a beer and enjoying some music. Still this album failed to get me going. I had a hard time rating this as high as other albums I enjoyed just out of sheer recognition of how well it was made.

I enjoy this music, don't get me wrong. Stan Getz has a sax sound that is absolutely his, when I hear it - I know it's him and I'm always happy to hear it. However when listening to this album as a focal point - the samba becomes wearisome. It's easy to do other things while listening and in fact, that's the only way I can enjoy it.
The bass particularly is my favorite instrument across the recordings (aside from Getz). It has such a round, large tone to it that is ideal for carrying a Samba. Coming in a close second is Mr. Charlie Byrd on the guitar. I really enjoyed his pickings and his voicings, he added a lot to the music without having to be the focal point.  While both gentleman may share top billing on the album, it's clearly Getz that grabs your ear and holds it the longest.

All in all, I can truly appreciate why Getz is called "The Sound". I love putting on Getz while I'm doing other things, it's excellent background music. It, unfortunately, fails to keep my attention - and I'm not saying it should. There's a place in music for all different types, just what Mr. Getz brings to the table is not what I'm looking for. There's no denying this is incredibly well made music and it belongs on the list of '1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die'.

Tomorrow's album: Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full

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